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Doors TPT-95


TPT-95series of doors with thermotechnical characteristics is also unified with TPT-65 and TPT-72 series in terms of same component units, connectors, and infillings use.

Technical characteristics

At the same time, there are significant differences that increase economic, operational, energy and technical/physical characteristics:
  • profile outer components are changed in accordance with the standard width of door visible part,
  • new internal profile components are introduced corresponding to the mechanical requirements at the facility,
  • insulation zone with thermal bridges width up to 50 mm and sealer infilling to the hollow chamber has been significantly enlarged to optimize heat preservation,
  • door package mounting depth is 95 mm in two designs: “in the opening” and “in the stained-glass window”,
  • a middle co-extruded seal was applied around the entire perimeter of the fillister with a double fastening slot providing minimal energy loss,
  • around the infilling perimeter a fillister insulating sealer was installed,
  • ledge seals, infilling sealers are all co-extruded with improved thermotechnical characteristics.


  • high degree of thermal insulation;
  • integrated design and technically sophisticated products are applicable in energy-saving construction in all climatic zones;
  • helps to certify environmental efficiency of buildings;
  • reduces dependence on natural energy sources;
  • conforms to the concept of a passive or active building

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