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Structure Application

Enclosure structures EK-640 series are designed for glazing of unheated dwelling and public buildings and serve to protect against external atmospheric influences: rain, wind, noise, dust and improve heat insulation inside buildings.

Design options

The range of EK-640 series allows performing three types of structures: window package with installation on a parapet, hinged transparent structures and also hinged transparent constructions going over the plane of floor slab. In all design versions, it is possible to use two types of opening: swing or sliding casements. Sliding casements save space in a glazed room, while swinging ones increase the flow of fresh air and is easier to operate.


  • installation of glazing is carried out from the inside of the building, therefore, it is not necessary to install scaffolds and dismantle the entire facade in order to repair a separate structure;
  • components are installed from inside the building and have adjustments in three planes;
  • filling thickness from 3 mm to 24 mm(double-glass pane);
  • technical characteristics of pillar profiles and cross-bars allow to choose the optimal design solution;
  • any angle rotation relative to the vertical plane of the facade;
  • drainage system guarantees the rainwater removing through the drainage holes;
  • special upper and bottom limiters for the sliding casements movement do not allow the casement to come out during strong wind blowing or accidental formation of ice on the runners.

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