“Profstroy 4” program complex is a convenient and fast tool for price and technological calculations of aluminum transparent structures, taking into account the needs of both large automated productions and small processing companies and dealers of aluminum profile systems.

The developer of the program is “ProfSegment”.


“ProfStroy 4” takes into account the entire products and components list in the projects, allows optimizing the material cutting, and calculates the volume and cost of supporting works: delivery, dismantling and installation of the finished product.

The software package can be used at all the main stages of the production activity of the company that develops aluminum transparent structures, performing a connection link function between adjacent departments. The program functionality is designed for use by all employees: designers, technologists, procurers, warehouse workers, installers, as well as managers, accountants and company management.

Main Advantages:
Key Advantages:
  • Simple creation of calculation base
  • Quick design of complex structures
  • System for monitoring financial relationships with customers
  • Advanced enterprise management capabilities
  • This complex allows to make flexible the pricing process based on the calculation of the product cost, scope of supply and work with a variety of factors.

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For products of Sokol system, has been developed a constructive proposal for the following series: MP-40, MP-640 v2, MP-58, MP-45.
The constructive proposal is under development, it is planned to include the following products: MP-65, MP-50

Note. Archive with a constructive proposal for ProfStroy4 series MP-40, MP-640 v2, MP-58 can be downloaded from the link.
Constructive proposal for the program Profstroy 4.0 series MP-45 can be downloaded по here.
Import of the constructive proposal must be performed according to the instructions.

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