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Sun-protective lamellas TP-50400

Sun-protective system of TATPROF provides such position and inclination of its elements, so to reduce sun impact during summer time and to increase its penetration during winter season. This will allow more efficient usage of electric power for air-conditioning and heating. Moreover, sun-protective lamellas can be adjusted in the way to eliminate sun glints, so provide more comfortable conditions to work and to live.

TATPROF offers a reliable and maximum efficient system that allows solving issues in complex. TP-50400 series of sun-protection lamellas is light, durable and multi-functional; it consists of extruded elliptical aluminum profiles. The system can be installed with fixed and movable lamellas, horizontally and vertically. A large selection of profiles and installation schemes for TP-50400 sun-protective lamellas allows solving various technical and design tasks.

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